Birth Affirmations – my favourite mantras for a positive birth

birth affirmations

As one of my hypnobirthing techniques and part of my positive approach to birth, I have written down all of my favourite birth affirmations onto cards, which I spread out and read each morning.

Birth Affirmations are a really powerful way to train your mind to think in a certain way, and regular use will help to get rid of any negative feelings about birth that might be lingering in the subconscious. Reading them each morning really helps to reinforce a positive mindset. I also have an MP3 that came with our hypnobirthing course that I listen to before I go to bed.

Some of my favourites…
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Pregnancy Update – March


March has been a bit pants to be honest, but it has thankfully gotten better towards the end of the month. I’ve mostly just been working, eating and sleeping, so it’s been kind of boring as a whole. Hopefully the end of April update (which might be my last one) will be a bit more interesting!

Baby Size

Approx 5.3lbs in weight and 46cm long. No idea how something that long is squashed into my still relatively small abdomen!

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Buddha Bowl

Buddha Bowl (2)

My new lunch addiction – the Buddha Bowl!

I came across these on Pinterest (obviously) and am loving putting together different combinations every day. They’re also known as ‘Nourish Bowls’ ‘Wellness Bowls’ and ‘Abundance Bowls’.

There’s no recipe – it’s basically just a bowl filled with an assortment of the most wholesome foods that you currently have in your fridge!

Buddha Bowl (3)

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Carry My Baby – Babywearing Workshop Leicester


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Since becoming pregnant I’ve known all along that there were certain things that I definitely wanted to do (or at least try) and ‘wearing’ the baby is one of them. I don’t just mean buying a carrier and wearing it once or twice for the novelty of it, I mean full time baby wearing, carrying the baby around on my body whilst in the house and also when out and about in place of using a pushchair or pram.

Instinctively it just seems right and makes complete sense to me to keep the baby as close to my body as possible and there are so many positive benefits to baby wearing, not just from a practical point of view but emotionally and developmentally too. If you’re interested in finding out more you can read all about it here!

Carry My Baby Babywearing Workshop Leicester

On 14th March we attended a workshop led by Jo, who owns Carry My Baby in Leicester, which was booked for us as a gift by my lovely friend Caitlin. Carry My Baby is a sling library and babywearing consultancy, and if you’re interested in babywearing and are based in the Leicester area I really recommend getting in touch!

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I don’t give out my exact due date…

exact due date

…because I just don’t believe in pinning so much hope and importance onto one pretty unlikely 24 hour time slot!

It isn’t because I’m being secretive or trying to exclude friends and family, it’s because due dates really are just rough estimates, so I don’t see the point in publicising ours. I tend to just say that the baby will be here some time around May!

Babies are classed as ‘full term’ any time from 37 weeks. According to the NHS website “most women will go into labour between 38 and 42 weeks of pregnancy” and as stated in this recent BBC article (which utilises non-profit research from the Perinatal Institute) only a tiny 4% of babies arrive on their actual due date.

I want to enjoy the last few weeks of this experience and if the baby doesn’t arrive on the exact date it ‘should’ then this could leave me feeling disappointed or stressed, which is just not what I want. Giving out the estimated date to everybody that asks when I don’t even plan to use it myself isn’t going to help with that. I don’t want to spend the remainder of my pregnancy answering questions about whether or not I’m in labour yet; this seems like a sure fire way to pile extra pressure onto myself, when in reality I could have the baby at any time within a 4 week time period!

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Pregnancy Update – February

Feb Preg Updated (1)
Only 2 of these left after this one – eep! I am currently sitting in the World Peace Cafe at my local Buddhist Centre enjoying a nice cup of tea and piece of cake. I had such a lovely midwife appointment this morning and it’s a really beautiful early spring day so I just didn’t feel ready to return home straight away.

Baby Size

Approx 3.5lbs in weight and 41cm long. Things are definitely getting more snug in there!

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